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Pro Ring On Glasses

This direct, easy to do borrowed ring routine comes straight from my current working repertoire. Based on a concept of Canadian magician David Acer, I have devised a practical and magically very strong version of the effect which is perfect for walkabout or table work.

I use this as an alternative to the Flying Ring as it packs the same amount of impact for lay people but creates a different plot. Click the grahic above to watch a dem and to get more info.

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June 2016

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  • The Teach In - learn an extended torn and restored cigarette paper routine
  • Wrinkles - Mark Zacharia offers a neat way to load the El Duco wallet
  • It Could Only Happen Live - some people just DON'T want to see your magic
  • Web Offer Bundle - the Professional Worker Series E-Books all bundled together
  • 60 Seconds To Success - I discuss why you should work within your skill levels
  • Mark's Bookshelf - I look at the Tarbell Course as a still relevant source of magic

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Podcast 42 - June 2016

I look back at my recent tour of the USA and reflect on what it was like : do you tend to get more shows at a distance from where you live rather than very locally, and if so, why do think that is? : I talk about a brand new release that I am excited about : I look at why pro performers are often so slick in the way that they perform : the problems that summer heat or general weather conditions can cause for you and your props : how we can harness lay people's perception of our magic to our benefit : exactly what is it that makes comedy funny? - I discuss the factors that need to come together for comedy to work

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Forever Flapping Plus

Considered by many to be one of the most useful collections of magic with gimmicked and regular envelopes, this E-Book will open your eyes to just what is possible with some cleverly devised envelopes! 10 special gimmicks are described with many routines for close up, stand up and mentalism.

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