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Pro Ring On Glasses

This direct, easy to do borrowed ring routine comes straight from my current working repertoire. Based on a concept of Canadian magician David Acer, I have devised a practical and magically very strong version of the effect which is perfect for walkabout or table work.

I use this as an alternative to the Flying Ring as it packs the same amount of impact for lay people but creates a different plot. Click the grahic above to watch a dem and to get more info.

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Podcast 43 - July 2016

I consider the luck involved in getting show bookings and how it is hard to predict when they will come along : here's a theory for why Richard Jones came first on BGT, and Jamie Raven only achieved a second place : being a creature of habit helps me to achieve long running features for magicians : I ask the question of whether, if the fee was right, you would take on any type of show? : crowdfunding - the future of magic project capitalisation? : sometimes we need perhaps to put the brakes on when performing to avoid putting our foot in it! : necessity is the mother of invention, especially for creative magicians

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