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What's New For May?

The May E-Video Newsletter

The E-Video Newsletter is a magazine style online video programme featuring 6 interesting sections consisting of The Teach In, Top Tips, The Strolling Magician Unplugged, Web Offers, 60 Seconds To Success and The Review Corner. Access costs from as little as £2.00! Click above for more info.

The Mark Leveridge May Podcast

Does Uri Geller really still need to make wild claims in the media? : if your spectators have paid specifically to see you perform there is perhaps more pressure on you to deliver than if you are just the 'hired help' : getting started at a gig as a strolling magician can be tricky to know the exact right moment to jump in : I consider the assertion by Dr. Kuhn that magic is an enjoyable sensation because the audience knows that magic is not real : Anthony Owen's demise is a real shock and a huge loss to magic : the second hand magic market is surely going to be affected by the lack of physical trick instructions : I anticipate my annual trip to the marvellous 4Fs close up magic convention in the US

E-Club Pro Member Updates - May

The Download Portal -  children's entertainers will hopefully be delighted to download and keep a great routine called Invisible Tying Silks
The Archive - this is the section of E-Club Pro that has the most content and the biggest variety of magic and topics on the whole site
The Lecture Room - the Academy Inner Circle Session part 9 contains some great information about how to use PR for show promotion
The Vintage Vault - this month you can learn an easy to do Just Chance effect for close up called Risk
The Audio Booth - the 6th Audio File of advice is called Making The Most Of Practice and contains some really helpful hints and tips
The Book Corner - the start of some extracts from Trade Show Magic, and in this instalment I suggest an alternative way of working exhibitions
The Tool Box - one of the most perplexing small packet forces is the Prime Number Force, and I add an explanation here of how to perform it
The TricKlip Viewer - close up coin workers should find this video recording of my coin and purse routine called Broke of great interest
The Advice Centre - this time I am asked which magic books have inspired me, and also how to choose the right spectators to help in your show

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