The Master Routine Series - Collected Works E-Book - £20.00

The Master Routine Series first began in 1984 and over the next 20 years a total of 12 routines were released. Originally available as separate instruction booklets, all 12 have now been brought together into one E-Book thus providing a worthy format for some of my best work.

All the text has been looked at and re-written where necessary and every diagram has been completely re-drawn by magician artist JAY FORTUNE, and his excellent illustrations make a helpful and stylish addition to the text explanations.

The 12 routines encompass a wide variety of themes for both close up and stand up work. Each one has been carefully thought through, broken down into easy to manage stages, and then thoroughly and carefully described and illustrated in order to give you the very best chance of learning the magic. The routines are:

No.1 - The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine
A direct no-nonsense sponge ball routine for all occasions

No.2 - The Free Selection Collectors
Using a regular deck you perform a multi-phase card routine

No.3 - Stay At Home Coins
Four coins and a Boston Box - pure visual magic

No.4 - The Ring Competition
Stand up routine with a 5” chrome ring and rope - terrific presentation

No.5 - Wild Dice
Cups and balls and walnut shell and pea with matchbox drawers and dice

No. 6 - The Ring And String Routine
Four exquisite moves using a borrowed finger ring and cord

No.7 - Spot The Difference
A Jumbo ‘3 Card Trick’ with a presentation that actually makes sense!

No.8 - The Security Pen
Three coins are magically inserted into and then removed from a pen

No.9 - The Borrowed Ring On Pencil
Three strong ways to get a ring onto a pencil

No.10 - The Emperor’s Coins
Unusual entertaining presentation for a Boston Box routine

No.11 - A Bic Too Far
Stand up effect using mini Bic lighters

No.12 - Slo-Mo
Beautiful table hopping coin effect

The E-Book has 125 pages, and includes 292 illustrations, and is a great way to learn some top feature close up and stand up routines.