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Podcast 52 - April 2017

Putting yourself in the shoes of your close up spectators can be revealing : the Magic Circle ups the ante with its Dealers Day : protecting your website from the 'bad guys' is an ongoing problem : lay people often have misconceptions about the magic world : MLM has now officially become a digital magic hub : what does it mean if you claim to be a 'professional' magician? : long experience can be a double edged sword : the unique attribute that magic has

Podcast 51 - March 2017

Does cramped dealer space reduce sales? : tracking where show enquiries come from and whether they turn into bookings is vital : what do you do when a trick goes wrong? - why this is really an unimportant question : no, not retiring, just a change of the way MLM products are delivered : a reflection on the 'explosion' of lecturers doing the rounds on the UK magic club circuit : why Bark are causing show fees to be pushed down : early influences can shape our magic future

Podcast 50 - February 2017

Reflections on the January 2017 Session Convention in London : Jamie Raven scores well with some radio magic and gives us all something to learn from the way he did it : how ill do you have to be before you will consider backing out of a show booking? : teaching total beginners magic skills in the MLM Academy makes me realise how basic the initial information may need to be : a magic conundrum for commercial close uppers at dinners is revealed : when is the right time to put up your show fees?

Podcast 49 - January 2017

Being a performer means we work when others aren't and prevents us from enjoying our own social lives : having the confidence to change your performing environment can be important to the success of your show : I reflect on the number of magical podcasts that are now available : where will the hand crafted wooden magic props come from in the future? : sometimes we can be unaware of how loud our music or voice amp needs to be : audio books provide an interesting way to learn : are the days of the general theatrical agent numbered as the internet provides bookers with all the info they need?