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Below you will find links to all 12 of the Mark Leveridge monthly podcasts for 2013.

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Podcast 12 - December 2013

Is this likely to be a busy December? : the launch of a brand new MLM venture called Magicards : advice for those seeking to enter magic competitions : young magicians get quality learning from Marvin's Magic School's new online resource : solving the problem of what you want for Christmas : learning how to maximise the response from a close up spectator group : charting the development of TV magic : consistent client relationships proves to be the best promotional tool for pro magician Iain Moran : the frustration of double bookings

Podcast 11 - November 2013

The pros and cons of working with other performers : if you had to choose just 6 tricks for a show, which ones would you select? : getting some great advice about Social media from Magicseen : practice and whether we do enough of it or as much as we used to : keeping a careful eye on your website ranking with Google : things to get ready in time for the busy December period : minimum fees and why it's a good idea to know what your time is worth : E-Club Pro free 24 hour pass is being used already

Podcast 10 - October 2013

Are general magic conventions fading away? : timing is everything, and why the client doesn't always know best : the E-Club Pro free 24 hour pass can now be requested on demand : why printed magic books are not totally out of fashion, contrary to what some may suggest : the improvement of performance group : my view on the first Entrepreneur's Circle two day National Convention in Birmingham : can magic be dangerous to your health? : putting aside regular time for catching up with magic reading and experimenting

Podcast 9 - September 2013

Why being a magician is a 24 hour job : planning is really important when turning pro : the joys of being able to make the most of magic opportunities that come your way : young magicians need to make their own mistakes in order to truly learn : first impressions and why they can be so important to you as a performer : the economy is on the up - are you ready? : the Web Offer Bundle is all about magic with keys : Magicseen proves to be a solid read for those needing information : promotional giveaways could be your quickest route to referral bookings

Podcast 8 - August 2013

Benefits of having a complete break : strategies to cope with performing outside in the summer heat : a reminder about the two new products just added to my catalogue : reflections on the new Dynamo TV series : looking back at the very first magic show you ever performed : Mark's Monthly Message as a highly useful information resource in E-Club Pro : don't forget about those who avoid the internet : comments on Jez Rose's great presentation at a national business event : fancy making a Mid-Year Resolution?

Podcast 7 - July 2013

First news of two new products which have been added to my catalogue : personal memories of Bob Ostin and Roy Roth : I discuss whether it is right that many marketed effects come with a DVD which expects the purchaser to make the props : a run-down on what you can expect if you watch my E-Video Newsletters : info about a new agent's drive to ensure his acts represent him as he would wish : news of the latest issue of my printed newsletter, Inside MLM : comments on the importance of regularly updating the look and effectiveness of your website : holiday notice dates

Podcast 6 - June 2013

I take a look back at my 2 week USA tour : a teaser on the topic for this month's Chatter column : honesty between magicians - it's just not possible, is it? : Jeff McBride's online TV programme and how I managed to sneak on to it : the big mistake that convention organisers make with their events : a look at the hidden treasure that is part of the Web Offer Bundle for this month : the importance of ensuring youngsters get a chance to be involved with magic clubs : first notice of a new book due for release on 1st July

Podcast 5 - May 2013

What it really takes to do a tour abroad : discussion on whether close up is really a valid form of entertainment for lay people : highlight on the upcoming Bristol Day Of Magic : why don't magicians practise more? : website video dems, a great way to browse : the importance of getting training from outside the magic world : just how much material E-Club Pro now provides

Podcast 4 - April 2013

Reflections on the South Tyneside International Convention : what's in the latest E-Video Newsletter : using magic as corporate hospitality at sports grounds : looking at the 'old' stuff can give you something new : roadtrip in the States in April : the Leveridge Envelope in the Web Offer Bundle : learning from top class presenters : mixing with groups outside magic

Podcast 3 - March 2013

Blackpool Convention personal review : news of two New Releases : reflections on the excitement of looking through big magic dealer catalogues from days gone by : looking ahead to March : assessing the importance of having a close circle of magic friends to help with creativity : the return of a previously discontinued product is announced : good news for Magicseen subscribers : creating a 'category of one' to make you stand out

Podcast 2 - February 2013

Trying to perform in difficult weather conditions : strategy for New Releases : launch of Inside MLM, a new printed newsletter : getting inspiration in magic : looking ahead to the Blackpool Convention : February's Web Offer Bundle : online dems - honest or not? : delight of SatNavs : separate modules available for the Magic Marketing Masterclass Resource Pack

Podcast 1 - January 2013

The January Chatter : showcase on the Magic Marketing Masterclass Resource Pack : looking back on the December shows : new section in E-Club Pro revealed : reflections on way magic conventions have changed over the years : current Web Offer Bundle contents : E-Club Lite and the E-Video Newsletter