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Podcast 36 - December 2015

Cancelled bookings - how do you deal with them? : Craig Petty makes some interesting assertions about what bookers should look for in a good close up worker : I contend that there is a lot of value in getting stimulus and ideas from outside the magic world : physical printed books can often have a 'history' that E-Books simply can't match : does being an older magician mean you are less likely to get bookings for young peoples' events? : why having a mike and amplifier should be seen as essential for many types of show

Podcast 35 - November 2015

The MLM Podcast gets over 5000 plays since last December :  getting the balance right between fee levels and number of bookings : the pressures on Dynamo as his big live shows get underway : are magicians getting more tolerant of their performances being filmed by the public? : E-Club Pro passes the 500 pages of content mark : the fundamental difference between working at dinner functions and at mix and mingle events : magicians who do business talks have the advantage : from information scarcity to information overload

Podcast 34 - October 2015

I report on the latest meeting of the Cumbrian Conjurers Collective : when is a lecture NOT a lecture? : I am surprised to discover that I have become the leader of the Labour party (!) : learning from watching top presenter Steve Head at the Entrepreneurs Circle national event : new release DC's Rope Routine proves a great success : why is it that performers seem to remember the bad shows more readily than the good ones? : a special birthday celebration trip means the MLM office will be closed for two weeks in October : when the hardest people to entertain at a gig are the ones who have booked you : I reflect on the positive influence magic can have on your life

Podcast 33 - September 2015

September lecture schedule : the quantum leap from just 'doing' tricks to 'presenting' tricks : I grapple with the simple task of getting a passport renewed : why we sometimes go blank when performing certain effects : news on the MLM Academy : the single best way to prevent any problems with getting show fees : how to increase the chances of your spectators remembering who you are

Podcast 32 - August 2015

Juan Mayoral's extraordinary comments from the stage at FISM in Rimini : I get first hand evidence that children's magic is as popular as ever : news about a new release in the Professional Worker Series of informational E-Books : are telephone quotes for shows better than those sent via email? - I consider the pros and cons of both formats : the funny things that kids say at shows : Pat Fallon's article in the Magic Circular on the problems that illness can cause performers leads me to consider what it is that protects us from 'bugs' : the MLM Academy training room is now built and almost ready for use : does your magic technique stand up to close scrutiny in bright sunlight?

Podcast 31 - July 2015

I report on an evening spent watching Paul Daniel's new Intimate Magic Show : it seems that magic tricks happen in the minds of our spectators even when we don't intend it : preparations for the MLM Academy are well advanced : Jamie Raven is beaten by a dog - how fair is a competition where that is possible? : having a sense of your own performance value helps when quoting show fees : experts help Magicseen to aid performers to improve their act

Podcast 30 - June 2015

USA tour de-brief in brief : do less magicians buy at conventions because they are buying all the time online? : summer turns up the heat on performers : announcing the launch of the MLM Academy : should ANY topic be out of bounds for comedy? : the MLM audio books now available as downloads too : the problems of eating when performing or travelling falls over meal times : Jamie Raven proves it's not what you do...

Podcast 29 - May 2015

Podcast Special

In this special edition of the Podcast I take a look at three of the biggest issues facing any entertainer who is considering turning full time pro. Ever wondered what it's like earning your living from magic? Listen to this Podcast and much will be revealed!

Podcast 28 - April 2015

The importance of being open to learning from all types of magic : looking forward to my US lecture tour and Penguin Live lecture : a plea for help with a Facebook problem : discussing magic with lay people can be most revealing : the prevalence of eye-candy magic rather than routined effects : how to turn business cards you collect into a truly valuable resource : do you do things in the way you do, simply because that is how you have ALWAYS done them?

Podcast 27 - March 2015

Blackpool Convention as seen from the Dealers' Hall : how would you define exactly what a magic show really is? : New Releases update : performing shows is a strong catalyst for invention : where have all the dedicated magic book suppliers gone? : products with online instructions - the thin end of the wedge? : Magicseen celebrates 10 years : taking a critical look at our performance props is a good idea : the huge jump in the standards shown by the top performers

Podcast 26 - February 2015

Looking forward to Blackpool 2015 : the dilemma of absentees at tables you are trying to entertain : are you part of the 1%, 9% or 90% of magical inventors? : keeping a sensible work, life, magic balance : some of your spectators may suffer from Rhabdophobia - do you know what this is? : the never ending attraction of card magic : strolling magicians should learn to educate their bookers

Podcast 25 - January 2015

Christmas 2014 show reflections : do magicians value the content of printed magic books more than the E-Book equivalent? : hats off to Duncan Trillo and MagicWeek : what criteria do you use to evaluate if a new trick will make it into your act? : responsive magic websites - time for a change? : how to get cost effective Public Liability Insurance and why you may need it : E-Club Pro starts its fifth year and now has almost 500 video files for members to access : the Costa Coffee effect and why it could lead you to put up your show fees