A Simple Guide To Creativity E-Book - £10.00

De-mystify the creative process and open up your mind to simple yet effective ways to improve your magic

Over the years there have been a number of books which have sought to create some sort of ‘system’ to explain and to formalise the process of magical creation.

The problem is that in seeking to explain and elucidate the process so much jargon and complex theorising takes place that the average reader is left with little that is understandable to work on at the finish.

A Simple Guide To Creativity sets out to cut through the complexity and to present a guide that is eminently readable, totally understandable and above all will leave the reader with practical ideas to act upon.

Creativity is not just about coming up with brand new tricks and ideas. In fact, in many ways this is the least likely form in which creativity will manifest itself. Creativity for most performers comes through the ways that we adapt and change the magic that we do in order to improve it or to make it more suitable for our skill level and ways of working.

This E-Book will help you in practical ways to make those important improvements. In easy to follow stages, creativity is broken down and analysed and then concrete examples and strategies are explained to enable you to immediately go to work. Anyone who has the desire will be able to take the information imparted here and use it to make a difference.

The E-Book runs to 32 pages and the Chapters are: What Is Creativity?, Building Blocks For Creativity, What Does A Trick Consist Of?, The Core Effects and Creating A New Trick. Whether your aim is to come up with completely new effects or whether you simply want to effectively tweak what you already do, this E-Book will give you a huge amount of information and support.