The Strolling Magician E-Book - £20.00

120 pages
26 chapters
70 illustrations
18 strolling routines

I have been working close up commercially for over 30 years and in that time I have gradually amassed experience of working in a huge variety of venues and working situations. Exactly how to cope with everything that the modern day close up worker encounters requires thought, planning and expertise if you really wish to do it well, and in this book I have tried to give as much real world advice as I can to help make your job that much easier.

There are 8 chapters of highly detailed advice on all aspects of commercial close up, the chapter headings being: Is Strolling Magic Right For You?, First Things First - The Approach, Table Manners, Nuts And Bolts, Special Events/Venues, The Tricks, The Pro Magician and The Final Word. I have gone into great detail about the many aspects of the strolling magic ‘job’ and everything I have said comes directly from my own experiences - it may not be the only way, but it works very well for me and I hope it will for you too.

Interspersed amongst this goldmine of advice are 18 strolling routines to add to your repertoire: Spin Out, A Bite To Eat, Intuition, The Hypnotised Coin, My Card Sir, Badgered, The Department Store, Paper Money, The Magic Ring, Beer Money, A ‘Groan’ Man, Aces Under Control, Name Dropper, Copy Ring, The Caught Card, The Acrobatic Coin, Credit Scare, Simplex Hopping Halves. Every single routine is fully described and is obviously suitable for this type of work.

The Strolling Magician E-Book is perfect for anyone who requires real worker information about all aspects of commercial close up, plus it provides some great material to add to any close up repertoire.