The Strolling Magician Resource E-Book - £10.00

The Strolling Magician E-Book provides a huge amount of background advice about how to become a commercial close up entertainer as well as 18 routines suitable for this type of work. While this is ideal for those who are perhaps new or inexperienced in this line of work, other entertainers may already be well versed in the techniques required and so may not feel that they require the advice sections. However, they may be interested in having the opportunity to add some of the 18 routines described in the book to their repertoire, and so with this in mind I have prepared this E-Book. The Strolling Magician Resource E-Book runs to 49 pages and contains all 18 magic effects from the main book. The contents are:

Spin Out - you reveal a spectator's card by mind reading and then instantly produce that card at your fingertips

A Bite To Eat - a handling for the Jack Chanin torn and restored bank note

Intuition - very strong table effect in which a spectator apparently uses her intuition to locate a card bearing another spectator's name

The Hypnotised Coin - a four stage visual routine using a coin and a handkerchief

My Card Sir - a magical way to produce your business card

Badgered - unusual effect using badges with humorous sayings on them

The Department Store - entertaining dressing for a card sandwich effect

Paper Money - wonderful instant change of a piece of paper into an examinable bank note with no thumb tips!

The Magic Ring - killer trick in which an examined finger ring penetrates off the performer's finger while the fingertip is being held by a spectator

Beer Money - the production of two coins and a bank note from between two freely shown beer mats

A 'Groan' Man - classic 'shuffling' jokes

Aces Under Control - easy yet skilful looking production of four Aces

Name Dropper - a spectator's name jumps from the back of a playing card onto the performer's business card

Copy Ring - the magician 'clones' a copy of a borrowed ring, but the original disappears only to be found inside a small box

The Caught Card - 3 examined cards with holes in one end are threaded onto a ribbon and one card escapes

The Acrobatic Coin - a coin vanishes and ends up inside a card box held by a spectator and lying right next to a selected card

Credit Scare - humorous routine using a borrowed credit card in which the card vanishes from an envelope and ends up in the performer's wallet

Simplex Hopping Halves - two borrowed coins jump around and are never where they should be!

All the routines are full described and there are 70 accompanying line illustrations.